Sorcery: LEGO Sculptures That Cast 3 Different Shadows When Viewed From Different Sides

August 24, 2016


These are two of the magic angle LEGO sculptures created by shadow artist John V. Muntean. When rotated, they cast three different shaped shadows (in these cases a knight/mermaid/pirate ship and dragon/butterfly/jet plane) on the wall behind them. When viewed with no light to cast a shadow, they look just like a huge chunk of LEGO blocks. It just goes to show, you can't judge a book by it's cover. Unless that cover features a half naked couple embracing atop a stallion on the beach, in which case you know it's going to be good and best read in the bathtub when no one else is home and an aromatherapy candle on blast.

Keep going for videos of the sculptures, as well as a clever bonus wood-cut sculpture entitled 'Evolution'.

Thanks to ILikeTheCutOfYourJib, hands down one of my favorite compliments.

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