Please Tell Me Your Windows Were Up: Sewage Truck Explodes, Covering Nearby Cars

August 10, 2016


Meanwhile in Russia, a sewage truck exploded, splattering the cars around it with very liquid shit and sending thousands of gallons more onto the road. It looks like the very front of that bus and the white car to the left got the worst of it. You see the white car driving by later in the video and the right side is COVERED. I would head straight to a carwash. And not one of those self-service car washes either, because there's no way you could pressure-wash that without puking and/or catching some disease. Let a machine do it. And don't skimp either, pay for the most expensive wash, the one that comes with the undercarriage spray. Remember: just because you can't see it, doesn't mean shit isn't there. My dog took a dump under my bed the other day.

Keep going for the video while I dare somebody to write 'WASH ME' on the side of that white car with their finger.

Thanks again to julie, who agrees this is exactly why you should stay at least four car-lengths in front of any shit trucks.

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