Quick Wash: Video Of Man Driving Through Car Wash At 30MPH

August 30, 2016


This is an exciting video of a old man driving through a car wash in Sacramento, California at at an estimated 30MPH. It's actually from last year but nobody ever showed it to me, I'm assuming because everyone was worried I'd try to copycat (which I'm still going to, you only delayed the inevitable). Nobody was injured and the 94-year old driver claims he couldn't remove his foot from the gas pedal, presumably because his leg is 94-years old and doesn't work as good as it used to. The carwash (Quick Quack Car Wash, yes seriously) suffered an estimated $100,000 in damage but was back up and running within a few days. Now, the question is which one of my neighbors' cars should I offer to wash first?

Keep going for the video released from the actual carwash, complete with their catchy Quick Quack Car Wash jingle. It'll get stuck in your head! Also, lucky the car at the vacuum station moved just in time for this guy to park perfectly.

Thanks to Joanne, who intends on hitting the car wash at 50MPH today because she's already late for a meeting.

  • paperboy

    That should buff out.

  • Thed3vilukno

    this i about how I pull into a car wash in GTA. Mostly because it's a last minute decision in the middle of a 100mph police chase with a 4 star warrant.

    "oh look a car wash! Gotta dump these cops!" SKEEEEERRRRRRRRRRPMF!

  • David Bass

    lol i have to leave.

  • PoonDragoon

    "Let me drive my van into your heeeaaAAAAAAAOHGOD"

  • NikkolaiV

    I bet this was done on purpose to showcase his supreme parking skills. Destroying the Quick Quack because they got that catchy jingle stuck in his head was just a bonus.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I think he was worried that the police might catch him ridin' dirty.


  • GeneralDisorder


  • Jason Christopher

    and still parked between the lines better than so many people

  • nailed the parking job

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