Problem Solved: Man Builds Tiny Garage For Tiny Car To Avoid Street Parking

August 31, 2016


This is a video demonstration of the teensy under-the-stairs (just like Harry Potter's room!) garage a man built for his car to prevent having to park it on the street where people will try to break in and sleep in it. That's a problem in my neighborhood. And it's not even bums, just college kids too drunk and lazy to walk the rest of the way home. My car smells like Axe body spray and Red Bull and vodka and puke now. I'm going to be honest, the puke was me though -- I tried to eat that tuna salad sandwich way too fast. So yeah, a pretty impressive feat of engineering here. Just don't go trading that car in for a bigger one or it won't fit. If my car was that small I'd just pick it up and carry it inside with me. Honey I'm home! "Leave your car in the foyer, I don't want you tracking mud all over the house again." Oh honey, it's weird you're just a figment of my sad, lonely imagination.

Keep going for the video demonstration.

Thanks to hairless, who never has to worry about putting the top down on his convertible and messing up his hair on the drive to work.

  • shashi
  • John

    So when men have a problems, they build something to solve em. Why can't more women do the same thing? Why do i have to fix the roof every time we had a leak? Why can't she help instead of yelling at me all the fucking time?

  • craig37f .

    I'd park in his driveway for a few mins right when I know he's going to get home just to irritate him for not being able to pull onto the sidewalk to park in his garage. Just once though because he'd probably kill me.

  • Meh

    Pretty cool, and regardless of the 5 minutes that takes every day, i bet its better than bribing a donutcopper every day.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That whole video was 3:27. So Yeah. If he drives every day that takes him about 5 to 6 minutes a day for every trip where he puts the car there. Clearly he can leave the car on the street for short periods as well.

    This is infinitely better than the solution from that Belgian guy with the "world's smallest garage". Search for "Old Man Parks Tiny Car In Small Garage" on YouTube. The guy has 6 cm clearance total (that's about 2 inches in freedom penis units).

    He has to open his house door, put the car door through the house door, then roll the car back to get out, forward to squeeze through then push the car forward again to close the car door.

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  • Meh


  • Juvenal Osegueralopez

    Must be a Honda street racer

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