Pikachurro, A Pikachu Themed Churro Dessert

August 2, 2016


This is a Pikachurro, a Pikachu inspired churro made by the folks at Westminster, California based churro shop The Loop. It kinda looks like Pikachu's head. The churro was created to lure Pokemon Go players to come in and buy something since there's a Pokestop right outside the business. Does it work? No clue. It would probably work for me though because I love sweets and taking breaks from strenuous activities like walking. As a matter of fact *gesturing to bat in corner* I wouldn't mind taking a longer break from walking. "You're saying you want me to break your legs?" Not off, but yes. Plus install one of those chairs that goes up my stairs.

Thanks to carey, who informed me how cute you look while posing with a Pikachu churro will vary from customer to customer.

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