Oh Wow: China Really Built That Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic

August 3, 2016


Remember that conceptual bus China was talking about building that straddles traffic lanes so cars can drive underneath to prevent bus-related traffic jams? Well they actually built it and have begun testing the bus for use. Will it pass those tests? Only time will tell. If you do something bad? I will tell. Maybe a teacher or a parent, but probably just the rest of the kids on the back of the school bus. Hey guys -- GUYS -- Dave stuck his finger down the back of his pants and licked it! "Sick!" "Gross!" "How do you know?" I licked it too.

Keep going for several more shots (including the VERY spacious interior and the bus about to gobble some cars), as well as a short video.




Thanks to Tam, who agrees instead of building elevated buses to drive over traffic we should build monster trucks with pillow tires.

  • That second shot was a headache. I have never seen a camera struggle so hard to deal with the focus and brightness of a stationary shot.

  • shashi

    something about this bus smells funny: public transport!

  • Caustic Vapors

    So, basically, the bus is on tracks like a train and has a dedicated two lanes... Not as wildly anarchist as some likely imagined with the concept.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm pretty sure the concept explicitly stated it would be used on dedicated routes and essentially autonomous.

  • Jenness

    Great way to make people hyper freaked out in a instant.
    *gabbing with kids in the back seat* then......holy shit ...
    *shakily turns radio off*
    ...everyone shut up!!!!....
    *laser focused, fingers gripped on steering wheel harder than that time cop started following you and you were going 15 miles over the limit*

  • TheQiwiMan

    Beware Semi trucks, UHauls, any kinda vehicle slightly larger than a sedan..

  • D3Fd0ck

    I just hope its manual drive and operated... dont need any tesla autopilot systems in that....

  • lapsus5

    What if a terrorist watches this and thinks,"this would be a great place for my car bomb to go underneath the bus."

  • Matthew Anderson

    Then they mitigated a LOT more potential casualties!

  • Meh

    That's ok, refugee's go to countries that give them free stuff, in China they'd have to work their asses off and we all know they don't do that.

  • The_Wretched

    Damnit! I missed my turn and have no idea where I am now.

  • PUNX

    wait so are all the cars over there can fit under that? if not then what do the larger ones do if they get stuck behind that thing?
    inside looks awesome.

  • Schroom

    they have different lanes for larger vehicles.

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