Oh Wow: China Really Built That Elevated Bus That Drives Over Traffic

August 3, 2016


Remember that conceptual bus China was talking about building that straddles traffic lanes so cars can drive underneath to prevent bus-related traffic jams? Well they actually built it and have begun testing the bus for use. Will it pass those tests? Only time will tell. If you do something bad? I will tell. Maybe a teacher or a parent, but probably just the rest of the kids on the back of the school bus. Hey guys -- GUYS -- Dave stuck his finger down the back of his pants and licked it! "Sick!" "Gross!" "How do you know?" I licked it too.

Keep going for several more shots (including the VERY spacious interior and the bus about to gobble some cars), as well as a short video.




Thanks to Tam, who agrees instead of building elevated buses to drive over traffic we should build monster trucks with pillow tires.

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