Nope: 4,600-Ft High Glass Cliff Walkway Opens In China

August 15, 2016


China's obsession with terrifying glass bridges continues with the opening of this 1,603-meter (4,600-foot) tall walkway around Coiling Dragon Cliff on Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (which is also home to this insane glass bridge). Would you walk on it? I don't think I could. I'm afraid of heights. Just kidding, I'm afraid the wings I made out of coat hangers and bedsheets would fail after I leapt over the edge.

Keep going for a handful of terrifying photos.






Thanks to Stephanie B, who expressed a very serious interest in going to experience this. Me? I'm expressing a very serious interested in tacos for lunch today.

  • DL1119

    i'm more terrified of the built quality than the concept...

  • Terry Everly

    parts of it have wooden porch way in hell

  • Jenness

    Glass is a little bit slippery to me, what happens when clouds get it all wet and someone just slides right the hell off that thing - they were halfway hanging off the side as it is, shouldn't the walls be bigger?? Oh hell no. Hell no. WTF China - you can't clean the freaking air of choking smog but you built this death trap? I mean..why...and notice how it disappears into trees...does it just end? Where is the end? Is this a slide to a sacrificial pit?? *hyperventilates*

  • GeneralDisorder

    China doesn't value human life. Although they are cleaning the air now that they're moving away from fossil fuels at a surprisingly rapid pace.

  • Well, let the countdown begin... I'm going to reference this comment when this bridge inevitably breaks in probably the near future.

  • eeple

    Apologies for the pedantry, but 1, 603 meters is 5,259 feet, or 21 feet short of a mile. Might make for a more compact headline!

  • GeneralDisorder

    It's 1403. There's a typo here.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    Apology... rejected.

  • Joie Simmons

    I am not afraid of heights. I am afraid of dying from falling from something very high. Maybe a little afraid of being conscious the whole time. No way I would do this.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That's funny. I'm afraid of ladders up to about 12 feet from the ground. Once I make it past that point I'm good because I know if I fall I probably won't be conscious after the landing.

  • MWinter

    Fasion a parachute out of your clothes on the way down.

  • tehk

    Tacos sound great today, but I think they would be even better tomorrow.

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