No Surprise There: Fan-Made Pokemon Uranium Released After Nine Years, Nintendo Immediately Issues Takedown

August 17, 2016


In news that should surprise approximately zero people give or take an idiot, a fan-made full-length Pokemon computer game (with 150+ new Pokemon) was just released after nine years of work, and Nintendo immediately issued a takedown to the game's official download site. Who would have thought? Fortunately for people who want to play the game, the file was already downloaded over 1.5-million times, so it's not hard to imagine somebody else uploading the game. I just did a Google search and found ton of download links, at least a quarter of which are probably p0rn and viruses. My favorites!

Hit the jump for the team's statement, as well as the game's official trailer, which actually looks pretty sweet and has inspired me to give it a play after work.


Thanks to everyone who's sent me Pokemon Uranium news over the the years *raises cereal bowl over head* this one's for you!

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