My God: Massive Dungeons And Dragons Diorama Play Table

August 23, 2016


This is the absolutely massive Dungeons & Dragons tabletop diorama built by Ryan Devoto with the assistance of Michael Tuskus of Terranscapes for the water section. The setup includes an ocean seaport, village and farmland, forests, multiple castles, a large ruins maze and stunning details throughout. It makes the square grid D&D map I drew on the back of a roll of wrapping paper look like complete shit. Could you imagine having a friend with a gaming diorama like this in their house? I'd ask if they'd adopt me. Or at least pay for my dog food. She only likes the fancy brand that's mostly real meat chunks. Come on, you're rich and seem cool. Smell my breath. We shared lunch.

Keep going for a bunch more pics.












Thanks to ThingAr, who's inspired me to get back to finishing my model train village. CHOO CHOO!

  • Josh Reese

    What did they use to make this?!

  • Yea, I've played some D&D... what happens once they've killed all the bad guys in this town? That looks like hundreds of hours of building for tens of hours of D&D at most. Unless all the enemies keep coming to you or you constantly pretend that every city looks just like this... kind of a waste. The best thing about D&D is that the setting can change completely every 5 minutes if you want.

  • Wilf Smith

    Welllll... the table is modular by the looks. If you look close you can see the seams in the individual blocks ( most noticeable with the river sections, you can see a big seam ), looks like a typical kinda wargamey setup malarkey, say, 1 foot ish squares that are then placed together. So. You can remove some. Rearrange. I think you'd get good use out of it.

  • TheQiwiMan

    It'd be cool to put together a vid with a GoPro from like character eye-level, and just walk around. Very cool.

  • Konstantin Pogorelov

    Ok, we pay the capitain and sail off to the island that the prince told us about.
    Great, let me just... clear all of this off and, ... see you all in a few months.

  • Jenness

    I want to see it with the lights off, please tell me that things light up and there are teeny fairy lights and it's magical

  • Wiley

    The Beetlejuice setup. Even though I doubt this is the case, I wouldnt say no to that addition.

  • Wiley

    I would love a video tour of the room. Holy fuck that's a set up. I always wanted to play... But never knew people who did.

  • Ethan Fugate

    Someone needs to take way more pictures and send them into PLAGMADA . . .

  • ispitzhotfire

    I would want them to adopt me, not because of the table, but rather because they are rich. You don't have a room in your house like that if you don't have money.

  • Jason Christopher

    I can pretty much guarantee that just the table that all of this sits on is worth more than anything I've ever owned.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    As an avid player of the game, I don't understand how this helps to play. There is no grid, you kinda need to move inside building too, and this is a one trick play. Change city? Well it's going to be the same layout. Bonus to them IF that underground dungeon is modular as it seems like it is.

    Now as someone who likes maps and miniatures : THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME! *drools*

  • Concerned netizen

    Maybe they project one from above. That's how I'd do it.

  • James

    Kinda looks like the whole thing is modular! Roads, trees, castles, all look like they are individual o.O

  • Jan Bergström

    Amazing, but it would be cooler if they put an exotic spelljammer vessel or Githyanki ship among the ships.

  • Concerned netizen

    but then all those villagers would be getting eaten and having their hides sewn into the sails of the githyanki ship.

  • Jason Christopher

    I'm not into D&D, but this is beautiful.

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