MIT Professor's Drawing Dotted Lines On A Chalkboard Skills

August 3, 2016


This is a compilation video of famed astrophysicist and MIT physics professor Walter Lewin demonstrating his chalkboard dotted line drawing skills. Apparently he provides just the right amount of angle and pressure on the chalk to make it skip and produce a dotted line. My college professors? My college professors had zero chalkboard skills. Of course we didn't have chalkboards, we had whiteboards, and I always got to class early to draw a penis on them before anybody else got there. The only thing my professors were good at was erasing them and lecturing us about how we were all too old to be drawing penises on the whiteboard. The thing is, you're never too old to draw a penis on a whiteboard. That's when I realized I'd never learn anything of value in these classes and dropped out. Just kidding, I stuck through and got a Master's. 'Why?' is the question I should have been asking myself then.

Keep going for the video, as well as an hour long video of Lewin's last lecture at MIT in case you really want to stick it to the man today.

Thanks to hairless, who was a total pro at taking the chalkboard erasers out and banging them against the side of the school building. Dude -- me too.

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