Massive 60-Foot Finback Whale Gives Boatload Of Whale Watchers A Closeup

August 3, 2016


This is a video of a 18-meter (~59 foot) finback whale (the second largest animal on earth behind the blue whale) giving a boatload of whale watching tourists the experience of a lifetime as it breaches the water right beside their boat while feeding on krill. Man, I still can't believe animals that big even exist. What was Mother Nature even thinking? 'Ooh, I know -- I should make an animal as big as I am crazy.' Well congratulations, Mother Nature, you really did it. Now bring back the dinosaurs so I can fall in love all over again.

Keep going for two videos from slightly different angles.

Thanks to Greg, who would have jumped overboard and ridden that whale to Atlantis and learned the secrets of their lost technology.

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