Man Tries To Rob Convenience Store With Machete, Shopkeeper Produces Scimitar

August 30, 2016


In a clear case of life imitating art (in this case the "That's not a knife" scene from Crocodile Dundee), this is a video of a guy trying to rob a convenience store with a machete, only to be thwarted by the storeowner, who produces a much larger scimitar and chases him out (previously: a shopkeeper with a machete scaring off a would-be robber with a gun and a man who successfully robbed a 7-11 with a Klingon sword). I'm not even sure he really needed the sword though, you'd think he could have whacked the guy with his giant balls. Cheers to you, Mr. Always Keep A Scimitar Behind The Register.

It's weird, you'd think just swinging his balls at him would have been enough.

Thanks to Jeff, who agrees it's only a matter of time until some shopkeeper defends his store with a chainsaw. What a day that'll be!

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