Man Bathes In Bathtub Full Of Hot Sauce

August 26, 2016


Seen here demonstrating the face someone makes when their penis is melting, Youtuber CemreCander bathes in the equivalent of 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. Plus some chili peppers tossed in for good measure. He even completely submerges himself and proceeds to lose his mind. Is it actually hot sauce? I dunno, you only see the stuff in buckets, not in bottles (allegedly the sauce was about to go bad so it was free). From the visible skin irritation and his reaction though, I half believe him. I've had hot sauce in my anus before and I can confirm it's no walk in the park. It's not even an uncomfortable butt-clenched jog through the park. It's an uncontrollable jetpack from hell ride through the park propelled by projectile diarrhea. Close your eyes and imagine one of those water jetpacks that are so popular right now. I caught serious air. So yeah, it's like that.

Keep going for the video, then leave a Youtube comment telling him to buttchug a shampoo bottle full of this stuff or clean the area around his tub, it's gross.

Thanks to Devon, hairless and Mark V, who all want to bathe in sour cream. Wow, steal my dreams much?!

  • TheQiwiMan

    Stupidity is its own punishment.

  • Jabrwok

    "Their" penis? Really? How many women are going to be concerned about their penises melting?

    HIS penis, dammit! #PronounsMatter

  • sebastian

    "Certainly many usage guides have advised against use of this "singular they" on various "logical" grounds. Nevertheless, singular they has long been part of the English language, and there are various posts on Language Log giving examples of it being used in the Bible, by Shakespeare, by the president, by the Canadian Department of Justice, etc.. The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language's coauthor Geoff Pullum (a frequent Language Log contributor) calls the idea that they must never occur with a singular antecedent a myth.

    There is no shortage of usage "experts" who advise against it, as the other answers in the question should make clear (though these days their reasoning tends away from a simple "it's wrong" towards something more defensive–"some people will think it's wrong, so avoid it"). But despite them, use of singular they occurs at all levels of the language, both spoken and written, informal and formal.

    It's not ungrammatical per se on the basis of analysis of actual usage using reasonable linguistic methods. But use it at your own risk of being criticized by the self-righteous but misinformed."


  • Bling Nye

    The pre-surgery trans women...?


  • Jabrwok

    So the crazy men then. Getting castrated does not make a man into a woman.


  • GeneralDisorder

    I would do that with Frank's Red Hot (because that shit goes great with everything... Did I do that right? Whatever, they're not paying me...

    But only if there was a tub of equal size filled with orange juice and milk that I could dip into rapidly.

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