Just Leave The Kids: An Oregon Trail Card Game

August 8, 2016


Francine, Paul, Mark, Samantha? Prepare to suffer and die.

Because you can never die from dysentery enough in one lifetime, an Oregon Trail card game has just been released exclusively by Target for $13 (in-store only). I included a seven minute video after the jump of a guy explaining how to play the game, which actually sounds pretty decent provided the electricity went out and you can't play video games and will settle for playing a card game by candlelight. Just like they did in the old days! Me? I only play one card game: roulette. "Roulette is not a card game." Tell that to the guy at the casino who's always taking all my money. "Again, roulette is not a card game." I did think it was weird we had to play in the parking lot.

Keep going for the how-to-play video.

Thanks to BlameItOnTheRain, one of my top go-tos for blame besides the voices.

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