Just Because: Guy Makes Clear Resin And Gummi Bear Axe Handle

August 24, 2016


These are several shots and a video of Peter Brown of Youtube channel Shop Time crafting a clear resin and gummi bear axe handle (step-by-step pictorial of the build on Imgur HERE). Why? Because people told him to in the Youtube comments of his last videos. If only it were so easy to get people to do things by just saying them on the internet. I say things on the internet all the time and nobody ever listens to my suggestions. I WANT A BODY MASSAGE. See? No love. Nothing but a bunch of shoulder tension and arm pain. I went to a chiropractor once but he just tore my arms off and beat me with them. I should have gone to the optometrist first though because it turns out that chiropractor was a gorilla. At least now all my arm aches are phantom pains. Is it safe to use an axe handle that's half gummi bears? I would have at least used candy with a little more structural integrity like gummi worms or Nerds ropes. "Twizzlers?" Don't be disgusting, licorice of any flavor is an abomination to taste and decency. "Candy underwear." Now you're speaking my language, meet me in the space between the soda and candy vending machines by the third floor elevators and let's talk business. "Business?" Pleasure.

Keep going for a couple more shots (including one with the $40 5-pound gummi bear he bought just for one picture) and a video of the axe's construction.




Thanks to Dougie, who agrees when it comes to making weapons, candy is usually not the best option except for sharpening candy canes for a good poking.

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