Impressive: Spray Coating Protects Watermelon From 150-Foot Drop

August 30, 2016


This is a video from the Australian guys of Youtube channel How Ridiculous dropping watermelons from a 45-meter (~148-feet) tower and watching them explode. As a bonus they drop a watermelon that's been covered with Line-X (a protective polyurethane elastomer spray most commonly used as a spray-in bed liner for trucks) AND IT BOUNCES. How about that! So, if I spray my roommate with this stuff then push him off the balcony is it still a murder charge or is it involuntary manslaughter because I thought he would bounce? I need to know because I've got the feeling that Sherlock Holmes is going to come around asking questions and I need my alibi to be as airtight as an airplane's butthole.

Keep going for the video. They saw the watermelon open at the end so you can see inside.

Thanks to Brett, part of the watermelon dropping crew, who should really invite me to come drop some things with them.

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