I See Aliens!: Impressive 86X Optical Zoom Demo Of $550 Nikon Consumer Camera

August 4, 2016


This is a video demonstration of the 86X optical zoom on Nikon's ~$550 COOLPIX P900 digital camera as seen zooming in on our moon (technically my moon but I'm willing to share if you bring snacks and a positive attitude). It is most impressive, especially considering the camera's relatively modest price tag. Honestly, I'm surprised you can even buy a decent digital camera for $550 these days that doesn't require some sort of microtransaction just to take picture a picture. I'm tired of buying virtual treasure chests of gold coins.

Keep going for two different examples, one daytime, one nighttime (but not in that order).

Thanks to n0nentity, Charlie W and P, who counted six aliens between the two videos. Really? Because I'm pretty sure there were nine.

  • jodyberry

    I've had this cam for a few months. Bought it for the zoom. 86x in this video is about half the moon. For a closer shot it goes into digital zoom. Still impressive though. The lens stabilization is amazing too.

  • Kaizer Chief

    So I can use this to peep into the bedroom window of a girl in the next town?

  • Lord Chino

    Take that, flat-earthers.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Dude, we have:

    - photographic pictures of earth
    - heliums baloons with cameras
    - GPS data
    - Real-life tests like navigating the oceans around

    to prove the earth is round... and you think a ZOOM is going to change their minds?

  • Jason Christopher

    that is DAMNED impressive for a consumer level, point-and-shoot camera

  • Isaac Bow.

    would a tripod kill you?

  • obriencj

    I'm going to guess that they were, in fact, using one. But when you're zoomed in that far, very very small movements and wiggles show up as big changes.

  • Geekologie

    I bet I could stab or beat someone to death with one, yes

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