I Saw Faces: NASA Rocket Test Filmed With New High Dynamic Range Camera

August 8, 2016


This is a video from NASA of an Orbital ATK QM-2 rocket engine filmed with a new High Dynamic Range Stereo X (HiDyRS-X) camera that allows you to see the rocket's fiery plume in much greater detail than a regular digital camera, and infinitely greater detail than the cameras they used to fake the moon landing.

The HiDyRS-X system records multiple exposures in slow motion to provide a higher level of detail and information than ever before.

The HiDyRS-X project originated from a problem that exists when trying to film rocket motor tests. Rocket motor plumes, in addition to being extremely loud, are also extremely bright, making them difficult to record without drastically cutting down the exposure settings on the camera. Doing so, however, darkens the rest of the image, obscuring other important components on the motor.

I saw so many things in that plume, especially watching the video in slow motion. I even saw some demon faces! Now I'm not saying they were very clearly telling me to do things, but they were and I did just stab my roommate with a potato peeler. Honestly, I'm really not looking forward to explaining to the police how this was all NASA's fault.

Keep going for the video, which really could have used some HDR audio as well.

Thanks to Dunc, who would have given anything to be able to feel that on his face, if only just for a second.

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