I Can See Your Underwear: Finally, A Clear Suitcase

August 4, 2016


Great job, you packed two different shoes and a comb.

This is the ~$570 Vis-A-Vis transparent rolling suitcase from Australian bag and luggage manufacturer Crumpler. The clear polycarbonite shell measures 46.5cm x 68cm x 25cm and is perfect for people who want to encourage themselves to pack neatly so others don't judge them, and people who want everyone at the airport see their underwear. Me? I don't want anybody at the airport seeing my belongings because it's none of their business. "Are you smuggling exotic dildos again?" Psst -- wanna earn some extra cash? I just need you to book a layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and bring back a few things.

Keep going for a shot of Wonder Woman's luggage, as well as a neat packers'.



Thanks to PDG, who agrees the best suitcase is no suitcase at all, just buying whatever you need when you get where you're going.

  • Dani

    It's perfect for people who want to put their valuables on display and make thieves job's easier.

  • Xockszky

    well at least it would be easy to identify as yours in baggage claim! I'd be worried about the weight though.

  • Bling Nye

    I would personally prefer a vinyl wrap of some kind that made my normal luggage have the illusion of being transparent, with some fun shit appearing to be inside, like the idol from Raiders, an endangered animal or two, etc..

    THAT would be cool.



  • Bling Nye

    That'll get scuffed to shit after a flight or two (c'mon, baggage handling, AMIRITE?!) and will be a nice milky semi-translucent in no time.

  • If it were made of, say, transparent aluminum then problem solved… Unless Wolverine were attending to your luggage.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Aluminum isn't very strong.

  • The_Wretched

    I hear you can use an open sheet to line the interior so your stuff isn't so visible.

  • MustacheHam

    I'll bet the TSA will still check the inside, you know how they are.

    (sorry about the changes, not a good writer).

  • Xockszky

    They usually only check inside if they see something suspicious in the X-RAY. Also, if you have coffee they'll check it because if you're smuggling drugs, it will fool the drug sniffing dogs. Whenever my bag was checked though, they actually left it neater and more organized; I would have thought it would be a giant mess so I made sure small things were neatly packed away so they don't fall out. They broke the zipper off on one trip but it was coming off anyway.

  • Meh

    Another totally ignorant overpriced product. Who in the world would want a clear suitcase, its like a glass front door.

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