Hey There, Little Nightmare: A Walking Skull Sculpture

August 8, 2016


This is Skull Walker 2.0, a walking skull sculpture built by Japanese artist Y Nakajima and inspired by the movement of Theo Jansen's kinetic sculptures. Now listen -- I love skulls, and walking is okay if I absolutely have to, but I'm much of a fan of walking skulls. Skulls, like the heads surrounding them, should roll. Especially those of my enemies. Man, it's really been a while since I've done proper battle with an enemy. I should probably stop with all the stealth assassinations, but I've really been on a real ninja kick lately. My grappling hook is supposed to be here by Wednesday.

Keep going for a video of the skull in action.



Thanks to Alan, who agrees the skull bone is definitely not supposed to be connected to the little creepy leg bones.

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