Hahahah: Two Golfers Fist Fighting On Course

August 2, 2016


Instagram user jabrams77 captured this video of two golfers duking it out on the 18th hole at a course somewhere in Colorado. Apparently one of the players hit a ball into the group on the green and that's when the fightclub erupted. Man, what a bunch of dorks. If you're going to fight on the golf course at least swing clubs at each other like true warriors. Then they shake at the end? What the hell kind of fight is that? If I'm shaking any opponent's hand after a battle you better believe it's gonna be attached to a severed arm.

Keep going for the Instagram video and a Youtube backup if that one doesn't load. Also HERE'S a picture of my busted ass fingers I mentioned yesterday in case you want to use me to feel better about the decisions you made over the weekend. That's the most flattering shot I could take, but if it still makes you squeamish pretend I was just eating hot wings and haven't gotten around to wet-napping my fingers clean yet.

A video posted by Justin Abrams (@jabrams77) on

Thanks to FruitFreak, who goes absolutely nuts in the produce section of the grocery store.

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