Guy Takes Bong Hits Through Raw Eggs (Plus Bonus Syrup, BBQ Sauce)

August 5, 2016


In You're Doing It Wrong news, these are three videos of Youtuber Sound Experiments taking bong hits through raw eggs, syrup (he calls it maple syrup, but it's not, it's just store-brand shit syrup), and BBQ sauce in an attempt to find something else to rip bong hits though besides water. Why he thought any of these would be the answer is beyond me, but I'm going to guess weed was involved and he likes torturing himself (previously: that guy vaping the hottest chili pepper). All three videos are disgusting. Highlights of the egg video include dude breaking his favorite bowl piece at 2:17, and grabbing a packing box to puke in at 4:32. He doesn't actually puke though, although listening to all that hacking almost made me. So -- if we subscribe to your channel do we get to pick what you try next? Because I vote airplane glue, urine or antifreeze.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Ms Schmetterling, who once got so high she's a butterfly now.

  • GeneralDisorder

    My roommate in college had a bubbler that he called "Tha Haggla" (don't remember why... something about boxing) and we had the bright idea to put booze in it. I despise black licorice/anise flavors and the only thing we had on hand was Jaeger... I just about puked my face off. Took one hit and said "fuck this!!!" and packed up my one-hitter to finish the job.

    I believe we tried other booze varieties but I opted out. It was too gross. I hate the taste of alcohol. Inhaling high temperature alcohol vapors was the most awful thing I can remember doing that involved alcohol.

    I had an 18 inch tall slider bong that I named after the guy I bought it from and that was also subject to experiments. Sometimes we'd slide a few ice cubes into it. Also used ice water, juice, booze, etc. Anything with a very strong flavor that you can taste with your whole tongue is a terrible choice. Ice was probably my favorite. And nobody ever spilled the bong ice.

  • econoking

    3 min for bbq. Fml.

  • econoking

    Then skip to 8 minutes for maple syrup.... (why am I watching these?)

  • econoking

    Skip to 4 minute mark on the egg video unless you like to torturing yourself.

  • Meh

    I could've sworn i had a premonition about that guy's death after the chili vapor (this is almost as dumb as that one though).

  • paperboy

    We used to put honey in bongs. Edit: Just saw Larry's post. Didn't hurt mine but we used raw, unheated honey.

  • larry cornwater

    I used honey as bong water once. Hurt my throat real bad....

  • Frédéric Purenne

    You can see his bong is progressively less clean per video going forward in dates. *shudder*

  • D3Fd0ck

    I wonder how that smoked salmonella tastes like...

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