Giant Realistic Cockroach Pool Float

August 29, 2016


You're on a giant roach -- now act sexy.

This is the gigantic Cockroach pool float manufactured by Kangaroo (it was made in a pouch!) and available on Amazon for $30. Or you can buy one from me for $20, but I'll never actually send it. I'll swear up and down I did, but I did not, I lied. Also, what's that look that lady is giving me? Does she want me to rub suntan lotion on her back? Or does she want me to do a cannonball and splash her as much as I can? "Probably just stop staring." You think the binoculars are too much?

Keep going for several more pics of this chick doing her best to look sexy on top of a giant cockroach.





Thanks to TC, who's holding out for a giant earwig pool float because why not go full disgusting?

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