Forever Pizza: Slices Of Pizza Preserved In Clear Lucite

August 31, 2016


This are the Forever Pizza slices made by artist Steph Mantis. They're pieces of pepperoni pizza preserved forever in clear lucite. Unfortunately, this is not a "break in case of emergency" situation, there is no removing the pizza for consumption. I feel like that's kind of a waste of pizza. And by kind of I mean that is absolutely a waste of pizza. I have friends that would fight you if they found out you were wasting pizza. Back me up, guys. "Cowabunga!" Get it? Because my friends are the Ninja Turtles. That was the joke.

Keep going for a couple more pics, including some gigantic 4-slice ninja stars she made.




Thanks to C Chow, who did the same thing with a Philly cheesesteak but regrets it now because he's hungry.

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