First Year 4th Grade Teacher Produces A Rap Video For His Incoming Class

August 25, 2016


Holy shit I used to love those clocks!

This is the rap video created by first year Chicago school district teacher Dwayne Reed welcoming his students to fourth grade and laying down some ground rules and expectations for the class. The whole thing was beautifully executed. I still remember my fourth grade teacher -- Mr. Besser. He had a glass eye he would polish when we were all taking turns reading. He wouldn't take it out though, he'd just give it a little spit-shine while it was still in the socket. He was a great teacher. I just tried to look him up online, but I couldn't find any record of him. I did see that my middle school principal is now the superintendent of the school district though, so there's that. Of course they spelled superintendent wrong on the website, leading at least one former student to speculate just what the hell kind of Micky Mouse education he was receiving all those years.

Keep going for the video, then wish you were in Mr. Reeds class.

Thanks to Allyson S and davey, who could really go for an oldschool fourth grade cafeteria meal right now. Right? I dream about that stuff, especially the pizza, vegetable sticks, chicken nuggets, ranch dressing and cinnamon rolls.

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