Finally, A Personal One Seat Anti-Insect Tent

August 29, 2016


This is the $50 Insect, Bug & Mosquito Pop-Up Screen Chair Tent available for pre-order from Anthem Sports. It's a little personal tent big enough to fit a folding chair that prevents bugs from getting to you provided you zip yourself up fast enough. Otherwise you're trapped in a tent with a bug. The chair is not included though so you have to provide your own. I suggest a beanbag chair for ultimate comfort. The tent is perfect for the parent who doesn't mind embarrassing their kids at their middle and high school sports games. Um, is your mom a bubble boy? Alternatively, set it up in the corner of your room as a not-so-private masturbation chamber. I suggest hanging curtains and tacking a supermodel poster to the ceiling. You ever masturbate staring straight up before? Terrific way to get a headache.

Keep going for several more shots and a video in case you need to see those things.




Thanks to Moresea, who keeps bugs away the old fashioned way: littering the ground around her with the carcasses of their friends to let them know she means business.

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