Edible Ice Cream Cone Ring Prevents Drips, Sticky Fingers

August 10, 2016


This is the patented Drip Drop edible ice cream cone ring. It was invented by two 14-year olds and looks like a tasteless bagel chip. It slips on any standard waffle cone to prevent melted ice cream from dripping on your fingers, or, if you're like me eating an ice cream cone in bed, on your hairy bear chest. ROAR! Just kidding, I'm still hibernating.

Did you know that approximately one million trees could be saved each year if the current number of napkins used in ice cream shops was replaced by edible and delicious Drip Drops?

The Drip Drop comes in two flavors: chocolate and original. And best of all, ice cream shops can put any kind of topping on drip drops, such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, or coconut shavings.

Currently The Drip Drop is not available for sale but we are looking to license the design to ice cream cone manufacturers or ice cream shops.

Wow, we're blowing through a million trees a year just for ice cream napkins? That's terrible news. Think of all the squirrels and owls. I suppose I'd pay extra for a Drip Drop ring at my local ice cream shop, especially if it was covered with a chocolate drizzle and mini M&Ms. Alternatively, I could just keep doing what I've been doing my entire ice cream eating life: eat my cone so quick it doesn't have time to melt. I've never dropping anything in twenty years, especially not any weight.

Keep going for several more shots, including several poor shmucks who got sold ice cream cones with no ice cream.





Thanks to Diane, who informed me she's one of those people who bites the end off the cone and sucks the ice cream through the bottom. I swear, you folks are a whole different breed.

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