Drunk Couple Crash Car Into Beehive, Good Ol' Boy Gives Solid Local News Interview

August 4, 2016


Heck yeah, #88 -- Dale Jr for life.

This is a local news report from WKYT in Lexington, Kentucky about a drunk couple that crashed their sweet Geo Tracker into a utility pole, disturbing a hive of bees, which then proceeded to attack them. Because if there's one thing bees can't stand, it's a drunk driver. Thankfully, local resident Gary Lee Anderson was there to retell the events. His highlights:

Well I just had got done feeding my chickens waterin' em and stuff and I walked back to my house there to get my phone so I could play a video game on it and all a sudden I heard a big boom...

And they like AAAH come out, screaming and squalin, and uh, running around, bout like a chicken with his head cut off.

[After taking Gary's garden hose to try to spray the bees off] But I told em, you need to get out of that water, but see I didn't know they was getting eatin' by bees I thought they was jus high.

Man, I need way more Gary Lee Anderson in my life. He really seems like the kind of guy you could feed and water your chickens with, then maybe hang out and play some smartphone games together afterwards. Also, I love how they decided to film him in front of his truck with no bed. That was a Daytime Emmy worthy touch -- really set the tone for the interview. Call me Gary, let's Pokemon together.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Lucinda, who apparently saw the interview live and immediately thought of Geekologie. Awwww!

  • badger_combinationroom

    Okay, but my question: Who's he voting for? Because that's the acid test.

  • rgenerick

    Not surprised a bunch of privileged, suburban hipster douchebags with a website would make light of someone's accent as if it were an indication of their worth as human beings. I worked a blue-collar job where every 3rd person was from SE KY, and every one of them were solid, good-hearted, hard-working people with a team attitude.

    Then I worked an office job with "educated" people, and they were some of snarkiest, back-stabbing, responsibility-shirking people I'd ever met in my life or hope to again.

    I'll take those "hillbillies" every time over some self-involved little Apple-fanboy pricks in a converted loft in some gentrified neighborhood who understand nothing about the world.

  • Ken S., As Seen On Watch Lists

    Just because he talks in a funny way doesn't mean we don't like him! :-D

  • JohnnyT

    Smug little millennial punks. "People who live in glass houses..." Do you REALLY work for a living—like Mr. Anderson probably does?

  • muskratboy

    Technically, I think he says "ate up by bees."

  • Aiviq

    "This is your action news reporter on the scene at the barnyard. Excuse me sir, did you see what happened?"

    "Yeah I did. I was over there by the chickens, and here they come running up the driveway to the water hose, and I said "Don't look Ethel", but it was too late."

  • debjorgo

    "We'd already been mooned!"

  • RayJay61

    Oh my, it could have only been better if the man interviewed and been a woman in her housecoat and her hair in rollers!

  • Adrian

    Now we know where all those missing bees wen

  • Truth or Consequences

    What's a garden hose? Did you mean hose pipe?

  • Ken S., As Seen On Watch Lists

    A long flexible hose, usually 5/8" wide in the USA, used to provide low-pressure, low-volume water flow for tasks like gardening, washing cars, or watering chickens.

  • Truth or Consequences

    I believe you're describing a hose pipe.

  • Ken S., As Seen On Watch Lists

    That's strange. Aren't pipes supposed to be rigid?

  • Bob

    The way that you speak says a lot about your education. However, don't confuse that with intelligence.

  • imonmyway

    Love it...accent and all!!!

  • waterwench

    At first I thought he was wearing a white supremacist's "88" baseball cap ("88" is code among Skinheads for the 8th letter of the alphabet, twice: HH, short for "Heil Hitler), since I am totally ignorant about NASCAR. Turns out "88" is Dale Earnhardt Jr's number. My bad, guys!

  • Bill O'Rights

    that's what happens when you get your propaganda from the SPLC. Everything is a white supremacist to pervert Morris Sleaze.

  • badger_combinationroom

    'Smatter, Bill, they take your hood away?

  • Guy Pinestra

    You are a MORON!!! That's a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. hat, you stupid f**k!!

  • waterwench

    Yah, I amended my original post when I discovered I was wrong. Way to be super classy about it, Mr. Pinestra. You're an American role model.

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