Dog Plays Real Life Pac-Man With Balloons, Puppet Ghosts

August 16, 2016


This is Pac-Dog, the first episode of Animal Arcade, a new Youtube series from HelloDenizen (do something Zelda next!). It features a dog playing Pac-Man by popping balloon dots and power-pellets in an attempt to beat the level (previously: a person doing something similar). He does a great job. My dog? My dog would do a terrible job. Margaret doesn't like anything round and she's terrified of loud noises. One time I closed a kitchen cabinet too loud and she pooped her dog bed. Another time I accidentally dropped my phone and she pooped her dog bed. Yet another time a car backfired outside and-- "She pooped her dog bed?" What? No -- I was going to say she pooped on the floor where her dog bed used to be. She's perfect and I love her more every day.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jake W, who bet me 10 to 1 the next video will be a cat playing Donkey Kong. You're on!

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