Dog Plays Real Life Pac-Man With Balloons, Puppet Ghosts

August 16, 2016


This is Pac-Dog, the first episode of Animal Arcade, a new Youtube series from HelloDenizen (do something Zelda next!). It features a dog playing Pac-Man by popping balloon dots and power-pellets in an attempt to beat the level (previously: a person doing something similar). He does a great job. My dog? My dog would do a terrible job. Margaret doesn't like anything round and she's terrified of loud noises. One time I closed a kitchen cabinet too loud and she pooped her dog bed. Another time I accidentally dropped my phone and she pooped her dog bed. Yet another time a car backfired outside and-- "She pooped her dog bed?" What? No -- I was going to say she pooped on the floor where her dog bed used to be. She's perfect and I love her more every day.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jake W, who bet me 10 to 1 the next video will be a cat playing Donkey Kong. You're on!

  • Tristow

    Well now that was Adorable.

  • TheQiwiMan

    That little doggy is having such a blast! Adorable.

  • GeneralDisorder

    My neighbor had two Jack Russels that she paid no attention to nor disciplined in any way shape or form. Those fucking jerks yapped all day long at every little motion or leaf blowing past or Person farting or clearing their throat... And this evil woman blamed my quiet non-barking dogs on her dogs constant incessant yips.

    Side note: is it safe to let your dog pop balloons?

    Edit: just remembered a really hilarious incident. My neighbor had one bark collar. It was the zapping kind. She put it on the wrong dog. So the innocent one that wasn't barking kept getting zapped when the other one would start her shit. Eventually the one wearing the bark collar figured it out and started to beat the shit out of the other one for barking.

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