Demons Burn Ashes Breathe Goodbye: The 20 Most And Least Metal Words

August 2, 2016


These are the twenty most and least metal words according to the calculations of ex-physicist and current data scientist Iain of website Degenerate State, which I've been living in for just about 12 years now. Iain used a dataset containing lyrics to 222,623 songs from 7,364 bands spread across 22,314 albums to come up with the list. You can real all about his process HERE, which involves lots of charts and graphs and formulas and stuff way over my head because I failed the only statistics course I took in college for turning in a project trying to prove my body is 80% penis and the rest equal parts charm and charisma. I knew I should have saved the good stuff for my PhD.

Thanks to Damien, who kind of has a metal name if you ask me. I mean it's pretty close to demon.

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