Death Wishes: Colin Furze Builds A 30-Foot, No Harness 360-Degree Swing In Backyard

August 11, 2016


This is a video of Colin Furze demonstrating the 360-degree swing he built in his backyard in Lincolnshire, England. The neighborhood kids must love him. The axle of the swing is at the same height as his second story gutter, and the footrest of the swing reaches a maximum height of 9.5-meters (~31-feet). Did I mention he rides the thing with no foot straps or harness? I did, I mentioned that in the title, pay attention. I would have definitely fallen to my death. Or turned inside-out. Why didn't he turn inside out? My whole childhood was a filthy f***ing lie. Plus getting spanked for not doing my chores.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to The Man Dave, not to be confused with The Dog Dave, who doesn't even come when I call his name. You wave a treat though and all of a sudden he's your best friend.

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