Damn, Mother Nature: The Transparent Larva Stage Of A Moray Eel

August 25, 2016


Note: The bright white dot in the lower right is its eye above its open mouth.

This is a video of a rarely seen moray eel larva swimming around and doing its thing prior to finding a quiet, private spot in the shallows to finish metamorphosing into a young, non-transparent juvenile eel. I had no idea moray eel larva were so clear. I also had no idea there are over 200 species of moray eels spread across 15 different genera, I thought there was just the one species. It just goes to show, you learn something new every day. Granted what we learned today wasn't important, but it was interesting. And that's my favorite kind of thing to learn, because if you forget it, who cares -- it's no big deal. It's not like forgetting where you left your car keys or the nephew you were babysitting. JASON WHERE ARE YOU?!

Keep going for the video of Ursula's future little bitch.

Thanks to Tank, who's having a mid-life crisis and wishes he was a monster truck.

  • Alright, I think I am officially cool with avoiding the ocean from here on out. I live on the beach, which makes that a little awkward... but F it. I'm good. We don't know shitall about whats creeping around down there, and I don't need to wonder if that thing I felt touching my leg was an invisible ghost eel, a 100 foot great white, or a mermans dick. I'm equally uninterested.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Even John Tesh can't stomach this music...

  • Jay Koski

    I just learned the craziest thing about eels that I've ever known today.
    That thing almost belongs in Dark Souls.

  • Andyman7714

    Dammit, I hatched too soon!

  • Jenness

    I wonder how much it would hurt to get bit by it? Would have been nice to have them hold back and have it eat not just chased for that long, wonder if it ever made it to it's hiding place. Good luck little freaky eel!!

  • jonahkrautter

    WTF?! WTF?!

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