Custom Built 3-D Han Solo In Carbonite Fridge

August 12, 2016


This is the custom Han Solo in carbonite fridge built by movie effects artist Frank Ippolito and documented by Tested editor Norm Chan (previously: a Photoshopped version and real mini-fridge version). My favorite part is the slow pulsating red lights that make it look like Han is in the process of being defrosted, just like a frozen chicken breast. Don't worry, I'm coming Han....for a midnight snack! Haha, fooled you. *eats remainder of Chinese take-out, removes ice cube from tray in freezer, proceeds to rub Han's nips with it, kisses face* Wow *unbuttoning pajama collar* is it getting hot in here or did I forget to turn the oven off when I was reheating my leftovers?

Hit the jump for a making-of video, but skip to the end if you just want to see the finished product.

Thanks to YourUncle, wait -- my uncle? I miss you Uncle Jake, I thought you were living off the grid!

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