Chork, The Combination Chopsticks/Fork Nobody Asked For

August 12, 2016


The Chork is a "three-in-one" utensil developed for eating Asian food. It can function as a fork, as "cheater/trainer" chopsticks with the top portion still attached, or regular chopsticks after breaking the two sticks apart. Their existence recently came to light after being tested at several Panda Express restaurants. Wow, it's weird to think there was a time (yesterday) when I didn't know chorks existed, and I was okay with that. Now there's no going back. Personally, I would have called them chopstorks but that's just me and I have a knack for naming things. "You named your cat Dingleberry." Because he's a little turd!

Keep going for a couple more shots including one explaining its different uses in case this is way over your head.



Thanks to Thomas W, who eats all food with his hands like a normal person who doesn't care about appearances. You can't kick me out of here, I paid for this!

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