Can Homemade Flubber Protect An iPhone From A 100-Foot Drop?

August 16, 2016


This is a video from the folks at Gizmoslip testing whether or not an iPhone encased in a blob of homemade flubber can survive a 100-foot fall. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: Yes, it can. The "flubber" (which appears to have none of the characteristics of actual flubber) basically dematerializes on impact, but the phone survives minus a pretty gnarly dent in one corner. If that was my phone the entire phone would have exploded. I have the worst luck with phones. No lie, one time I was sitting on the can with my pants around my ankles and my phone fell out of my pocket and the screen shattered. That was like a drop of four inches, tops. It wasn't even a drop, it like slid down my shoe. So yeah, a flubber iPhone case. It's perfect for the person that doesn't want to break their phone, plus doesn't mind that carrying it in your pocket will make people think your penis must look like a stack of pancakes.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to carey, who protects her phone the smart way: making her significant other carry it and making them replace it if anything happens to it because it was all their fault.

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