Bee Gets Trapped In Spiderweb, Stings Spider, Both Die

August 10, 2016


This is the aftermath of a bee getting stuck in a spiderweb (you can read more about what happened by following the link where a couple beekeepers chime in about what happens to a bee after it stings). Apparently the spider came to finish the bee off, but the bee had other plans. It's a classic case of "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me." They are both dead now. If I got caught in a giant spiderweb and the spider was coming to kill me, you know what I'd do? Try to wake myself up from that nightmare. If that didn't work I'd just let the spider kill and eat me because I don't want to go on living in a world with giant man-eating spiders. Not to brag or anything, but I've developed contingency plans for pretty much every scenario you can think of. "Instantaneous global warming?" Rent Waterworld, do whatever Kevin Costner does. "Alien attack?" Try to become their sex slave.

Thanks to Jessica S, who informed me she actually has nightmares about giant killer spiders. Wow, sounds like you need to invest in a dreamcatcher.

  • dougfunnay

    if only the hillary vs trump debacle could be solved so amicably

  • MrJamsterJ

    Achievement Unlocked!

  • JeeebeZ

    wow, your posting stories from 2014? which could be fake and were from IMGUR...
    Do you even try anymore? or just wake up and google something that you think might be cool?

  • JimmyJam

    Damn nature, you scary!

  • Deksam

    Bees have to go kamikaze to attack it's predators from killing it... That is one bum defense system they have!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    That is metal AF!

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.

  • Bling Nye


  • Emmitt Morgans

    But... the whale movie is two movies later.


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