Awww: Horse Born With Shape Of Another Horse Running On Its Side

August 10, 2016


These are a couple shots and a video of Da Vinci, a foal born in Robin's Hood Bay, North Yorkshire that has a white marking on his side that looks like another galloping horse. How about that! He also has a little heart above his tail. That's not where hearts belong! Your heart belongs in your chest, locked up so tight nobody can touch or break it. "What?" I'm damaged goods. I am like a package clearly marked 'FRAGILE' that the UPS guy dropkicked from the curb to your porch, missed, then picked up and threw over your neighbor's fence into their pool. "Jesus." I've tried, he stopped answering my calls long ago.

Keep going for two more shots and a video.



Thanks to MF, who promised to take me to go see the horse. Hey, I don't even care if I see it or not just take me to England.

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