Awesome Wizard Themed Gaming Dice Set

August 23, 2016


This is the already funded Kickstarter for a Wizard Set of gaming dice designed by PolyHero Dice. $15 gets a full seven-piece set including a 4-sided bolt, 6-sided fireball, 8-sided scroll, 10-sided potion, 10-sided percentile potion, 12-sided wand and 20-sided orb in the available color of your choice. Plus if you order off their Kickstarter page they'll throw in a 2-sided spell book die. They will NOT throw in a sorceress themed nudie magazine though which sucks because the guy at the magazine story knows I'm not old enough to buy them even though I wear an adult size wizard hat and can almost grow a scrubby beard.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of available colorways and potentially available colorways.







Thanks to carey, who agrees one of the dice should have been shaped like a wizard hat.

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