Are You Okay?: Brutal UFC-Style Knight Fight KO

August 31, 2016


Nobody slays my dragon!

This is a video from a M1-Medieval full combat fight of a rare knock-out (apparently it's difficult with your opponent wearing so much armor) during a one-on-one knight battle. Sir Moans-A-Lot really takes a beating, and eventually gets knocked out. I think it was all those shield blows to the head. Obviously, there will be no fair maiden in his immediate future, although if he's lucky he can summon Miracle Max to feed him one of those magical chocolate balls and bring him back from mostly dead.

Keep going for the video, then let's make cardboard armor out of printer paper boxes and beat each other with sticks during our lunch break.

Thanks to Tim M, who agrees there needs to be way more crossbows and dragon mounts present during these fights.

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