5 Page Wooden Puzzle Book Requires You Solve Each Page To Unlock The Next

August 10, 2016


This is the Codex Silenda, a five page, laser-cut wooden puzzle book created by industrial designer Brady Whitney. The book is currently more than 5X past its Kickstarter funding goal. Unfortunately, all the rewards for the initial run of the book ($150 for an assembled one) have already been claimed, so if you want one you're going to have to wait in line. Probably behind some woman who's going to argue with the cashier for twenty minutes. DAMMIT LADY, MY ICE CREAM IS MELTING.

Codex Silenda is a five page book that features five intricate puzzles. Each page features a unique puzzle that requires the user/reader to unlock the corresponding bolts in order to progress to the next page.

As the puzzler moves through the book, a story begins to unfold, depicting the story of an apprentice in Da Vinci's Workshop who encounters the same Codex. However in the story the Codex acts as a trap set by Da Vinci to capture any would be spies/snoopy apprentices in order to protect his work. The only way to escape is to solve each of the puzzles before the master returns from his trip.

Sounds fun, but I bet I could solve the whole thing with a handsaw in less than five minutes. Back me up, Indy. "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM." Dammit Indy, it's not an ancient artifact, it's a modern laser-cut puzzle book. Jesus, have you been drinking again? I see you have. Wait -- is that....The Holy Grail?! "Tell Short Round to tape his wooden blocks on and come pick me up, I wanna cruise for chicks." Wow, seriously Indy? Can I come?

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