Some Guy Threw A Batarang At Police During A Car Chase

July 29, 2016


An unidentified 23-year old superzero from Seattle has been arrested after threatening a bar bouncer with "an improvised spear," then proceeding to throw a Batarang at police in pursuit of his vehicle. The photo above is the actually Batarang stuck in the bumper of a police vehicle. It was not very effective.

The statement says that Monday night, in the city's Capitol Hill section, the man allegedly threatened the bouncer with a large pole with a knife attached to one end.

After police responded, the man allegedly fled. As they chased him in an SUV, he allegedly hurled "a sharp, Batman-style throwing star" at their car, the statement says.

The man was arrested and charged with assault. Police say additional weapons and obstruction counts could be filed soon.

So first you threaten a bouncer with a knife on a pole, then throw a Batarang at police? What the hell is wrong with you? You think this is Robin lashing out at Batman for not letting him stay up past his bedtime and watch scary movies? What's next, wrapping Batman's toilet seat in cling wrap? I think it's time you grow up and leave the nest, Robin. Actually -- just push him, Alfred, who cares if he can't fly.

Thanks to Ooeeahchu, who agrees Commissioner Gordon should call the real Batman to deal with this perp for using his signature weaponry.

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