You Okay?: Dog Dances To Music Videos On Television

July 11, 2016


Because music is the universal language, this is a video of two-year old Minnie the French Bulldog "dancing" to the music video for Wham's 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'. And by dancing I mean scooting on her ass and slowly turning around in a circle. That is pretty much exactly how I dance too. I like how the other dog comes to check on her. 'Hey Minnie, you alright?' Don't mind me, I'm just DOIN' MY THANG, HAAAAAY! 'Yeah? Well your thing has got us all worried.' What, why?! 'It looks ridiculous.' But-- 'No buts, you must teach me this dance immediately.'

Keep going for the video while I beg my dog to become a Youtube star and finally help with the bills.

Thanks to COME BACK, who, wait -- me? But I didn't go anywhere I'm still right here. Maybe YOU left, did you ever think of that?

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