Yikes: Potentially Possessed Keyboard Player Gives It Her All During Band Performance

July 7, 2016


Seen here looking more like one of King Joffrey's siblings than any of his actual siblings, a keyboard player in the Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps tries her best to perform while battling a legion of demons in her head. I hope she's okay. You know I used to make those same faces when I was in high school and I'd get the cold-sweats at night because the devil was trying to sneak into my dreams. You know what I'd tell him though? I'd look him dead in his fiery eyes and I'd say, "Devil, you might want to try another night because I just watched Baywatch and I've got the feeling these dreams are gonna be WET." Worked every time.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to David D, who used to act like a zombie when he'd play the keyboard on a street corner for money because he thought people would be more impressed by a zombie that can play the keyboard and be more likely to tip when in reality people wouldn't tip at all because why does a zombie need money?

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