WTF Was That?: Creepy Thomas The Tank Engine Face Driving Around On Wall

July 12, 2016


Because this is the internet and if there's one thing the internet is good at it's providing what you least expect or want to see, this is a video of Thomas The Tank Engine's face driving around on the wall, set to his theme music. Did I mention his eyes glow green? Because they do that. Apparently there's one of those R/C cars that can drive on walls under there. I guess that makes it a little less creepy. Kinda like knowing the bearded woman is actually a regular woman wearing a fake beard. "No, that's real alright." *shivers* Still, this is pretty much the exact video I imagine some pyschopath forcing me to watch while he sharpens his scalpel to cut my face off and make a lampshade.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to carey, who heard one time Thomas accidentally rammed Edward The Blue Engine and his face actually touched his butt.

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