Woopsie: Man Falls Out Of Waterslide, Down Rocky Cliff

July 21, 2016


Note to self: Construct higher banks on backyard waterslide.

This is a video of David Salmon riding a private waterslide at a residence in Austin, Texas when he flies out of the slide and 10 feet down to rocks below. Pfft, and I thought you were a Salmon -- you should have just swam back up the slide! David had to go to the hospital with a broken arm and several ribs, but is otherwise fine except for his incredible fear of waterslides. I remember growing my brother and I would purposefully try to fall out of the waterslides at waterparks so we could sue. We could never make it happen, but my brother did fall out of a rollercoaster at an amusement park once. The court settlement prevents me from naming what coaster and which park but it was The Beast at Kings Dominion in Ohio.

Keep going for the video and no my brother didn't actually fall out but damn if we both weren't hanging out.

Thanks to Heavy Sleeper, who could seriously probably sleep down a waterslide.

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