Woman Breaks Dress Code By Wearing Ponytail, Headscarf, Begins Cosplaying To Work

July 27, 2016


These are several shots of cosplayer June Rivas' recent work attire. The first was ruled by Rivas' boss to be in violation of the dress code due to her "cultural head wrap." Although apparently the cultural head wrap ban has since been removed from the list because it made the dress code sound super racist. The other five outfits? Totally fine.

Yahoo reports that Rivas' employer told her that "wearing her hair in a ponytail or donning a head scarf was unprofessional", despite the unnamed company's dress code simply stating that employee's clothing needed to be "clean and pressed".

The Yahoo story says she has since reported her boss (who is female) to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, though in the meantime has found a workaround: cosplaying to work.

Heck yeah, cosplaying to work. Great way to stick it to the woman! You know I think that boss of yours is probably suffering from a case of what I and other practitioners in the medical field commonly refer to as 'a giant stick up her ass.' If you asked all of us on our lunch break somebody would probably suggest it's a yardstick before my colleague Dr. Stradler insists its a canoe paddle inserted paddle end up while we all sit back and think, "Wow, she went there," and close our eyes to visualize her imagery.

Thanks to Tina, who agrees it's about time employers rebranded Casual Fridays into Cosplay Fridays to boost worker morale and foam swordfights.

  • JoziePop

    "You have to look professional while you sit in a cubicle surfing the internet. That means NO ponytails!"

    You're all fucking retarded.

  • shashi

    Fire the boss, make Rivas the new boss and enforcer of said dress code https://www.youtube.com/wat...

  • Rick Thomas

    Star Trek badge on wrong side, she's a faker!

  • Andrew Newton

    "she has since reported her boss (who is female) to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission"

    fire that cunt

  • AtomicMountain

    Selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie...


    Whenever I go over to somebody's house, and they ask me to take off my shoes, or not smoke, or lift the lid when I pee, or any of their other STUPID, arbitrary RULES, I tell them to go *EFF* themselves and do what I want!

    Just kidding. I'm not a self-centered, inconsiderate jerk like this broad is.

  • Rufio_the_Lostboy

    And yet, you seem insufferable none the less.

  • AtomicMountain

    "Nonetheless" is one word.

  • Jason Christopher

    How is a pony tail against any sort of dress code?

  • Andrew Newton

    it wasn't a pony tail, it was the head scarf.

  • Jason Christopher

    Right, but from this article: "wearing her hair in a ponytail or donning a head scarf was unprofessional". I've read other articles about this same incident that have also mentioned that ponytails weren't allowed in the workplace. I just can't imagine what sort of puritanical hellscape this is where ponytails are somehow wrong.

  • Munihausen

    Employers of America - in case you were worried about one-too-many applicants to consider, you can now rest at ease.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm very glad my employer's dress code is just "don't be naked".

  • Arcelia8563

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  • GeneralDisorder

    Your dress code is "be naked for money". Piss off spammer!

  • ZerglingPack

    Why exactly did she report her boss? The boss said the outfit wasn't work appropriate, get over it. The place I work states outright that a ponytail on men or women isn't considered professional. It also covers nails, shoes, ext. so I doubt her companies entire dress code just says "clean and pressed" a single line dress code.

  • Xockszky

    ... Or she can just follow the dress code and stop being a belligerent attention whore.

  • Wiley

    She was following dress code, she was told it was unprofessional. (I think she looked fine, especially for a partitioned office job...)

    Besides, even without nearly enough information about the two to fairly judge them, one of her characters is a lunch lady with a stash and lopsided caterpillar eyebrows... So, we can assume she's the good person and the boss is the bitch.

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