What Took So Long?: An Online Service To Meet Pokemon Go Dates

July 20, 2016


Pokedates is an extension of Project Fixup, an online service designed to match you with someone with a similar schedule and interests, so you can meet up to do things together. In this case, catch pocket monsters. 'I met my wife playing Pokemon Go' is absolutely a real thing that is going to happen and God willing they'll name their kids after Pokemon because it's the right thing to do. Me? I met my wife at an Indiana Jones convention so we named our first child Temple Of Doom. She hates it but agreed to let us call her Temple even though I insisted Doom was the way to go. Just kidding, I don't have a wife or kids I'm just a daydreamer and that daydream actually sounded pretty sweet, all it was missing was a white picket fence surrounding a castle with a moat filled with gatorsharks. Plus, you know, no wife or kids.

Thanks to Matt, who can't believe it took this long, this service should have existed by the end of the first week of the game's release.

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