What A Fun Bunch: Old People Reacting To Virtual Reality

July 29, 2016


This is a video of a group of old people (affectionately referred to as 'elders') reacting to the HTC VIVE virtual reality system. I'm pretty sure the whole thing is actually just a giant ad for the system, but the old people are full of one-liners (i.e. "Am I still in the same room?", "I absolutely know I'm going to dream about this tonight.") that make the video worth a watch. They start with Google Tilt Brush and paint in virtual reality, then play Portal themed Aperture Robot Repair, and end with The Brookhaven Experiment, a first-person zombie shooter. I think I like the guy in the green shirt (above) who cusses a lot the best. He really seems like an elder I could get along with. My village elders? They're impossible. They're always all "You're too young to practice magic," and "You still piss your bedsheets." I want to run away so bad but the catch is all this only exists in my head so it's hard.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to the folks who made the video, who never even bothered to see how I'd react because apparently I'm diced kidney. "Chopped liver." WHATEVER.

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