Wait, What?: Canadian Kids Explain The Internet

July 14, 2016


This is a video of Canadian children answering questions about what the internet is, how fast is it, what's Wi-Fi, and what the future of the internet looks like. It's worth a watch to see all their horrible (amazing) answers, but if you only have ten seconds you're in luck because the second girl nails it: [The internet] is boat that makes the TV work, I fink." I've never heard a more concise explanation of the internet in my life. That girl should have a Youtube channel where she explains complicated concepts to stupid idiots like me and my buddy Terry. I'm not a very smart man. I was never valedictorian in high school. I wasn't even a straight B student. But I was the only student to ever receive the senior superlative for Most Unlikely To Succeed two years in a row.

Keep going for the video, and somebody tell me what line the girl above is feeding to her brother at 1:34.

Thanks to Larissa, who can't believe not a single one of those kids didn't know the internet is a series of tubes. What the hell are they teaching kids in Canada?

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