Video Of Fish Repeatedly Swimming Inside Suit Of Jellyfish Battle Armor

July 11, 2016


This is a short video captured by snorkeler Brent Collins of a fish repeatedly swimming inside a jellyfish to protect itself from predators (or possibly Brent). Previously: photos of the same behavior, and that post from earlier today of a bunch of fish hiding in a jellyfish. It's jellyfish day on Geekologie! Sharks get a week but jellyfish only get a day because nobody really likes jellyfish that much.

I came across this fish (presumably a juvenile trevally) while snorkeling along Double Reef on Guam in 2013. The fish swam in and out of the crown of the jellyfish multiple times over the course of several minutes. The fish was able to steer the jellyfish as it swam inside, often turning away from me as I followed. It has been postulated that the fish is using the jellyfish as a shield to protect itself as it swims in open waters.

Man, if I was a fish there's no way I'd go anywhere without a suit of jellyfish battle armor. The ocean is a terrifying place and I need all the advantages I can get. Plus it probably wouldn't hurt to be friends with Aquaman. I mean, provided he doesn't eat fish. "He does eat fish." Aquaman must die. *looks at arms and feet* Oh wait I'm not a fish so I don't care.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to me for finding this video while searching for the other jellyfish video I posted earlier. It was destiny.

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